Rice Bran Oil is a superior frying and cooking oil produced from the bran layers of rice. Nearly all of our rice bran oil comes from rice that is meticulously grown, harvested, stored, processed in the U.S.A. Followings are some of the benefits about our Rice Bran Oil.

Flavor Profiles

  • Very pleasant, subtle nutty flavor that does not mask the flavor of fried foods.
  • Foods fried with Rice Bran Oil are crispier and less greasy than foods fried with other oils.
  • Food fried in Rice Bran Oil exhibit better flavor and odor stability.

Health Benefits

  • Monounsaturatees and Polyunsaturates (the “heart healthy: fatty acids) comprise 80% of the total fatty acids in Rice Bran Oil.
  • Three natural antioxidants (oryzanols, tocotrienols, and tocopherols) which provide natural oxidative stability.
  • Cholesterol free.
  • No Trans Fatty Acids.
  • Kosher Certified by Orthodox Union (OU).

Cost Effective

  • All purpose oil for general food preparation. Excels at frying. Very suitable in baking or salad dressings as well.
  • Excellent stability without hydrogenation (thus no trans fatty acids). Tolerates high heat very well. High smoking point and less foaming. Better fry life that can be 1.5 to 2 times longer than most other oils.
  • Slower oxidation, less polymer formation, less oil buildup on processing equipment.
  • Fryers, hoods, utensils and other equipment all stay clean longer.
  • Proven overall reduction in oil usage and less frequent fryer cleanouts.

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