Composition: 100% Refined, Bleached, Dewaxed, Deodorized, Winterized Rice Bran Oil
Physical Analysis
Color (Lovibond, red) 4.0 max AOCS Cc 13b-45
Smoke Point (°F) 450 min AOCS Cc 95a-48
Flash Point (°F) 620 min AOCS Cc 95a-48
Fire Point (°F) 670 min AOCS Cc 95a-48
Flavor/Odor (bland/none) 7 min Organoleptic
Chemical Analysis
Free Fatty Acid (% as oleic) 0.05 max AOCS Ca 5a-40
Peroxide Value (meq/kg) 1.0 max AOCS Cd 8-53
Moisture (%) 0.05 max AOCS Ca 2e-84
Chlorophyll (ppb) 75 max AOCS Cc 13d-55
Cold Test (hours) 1 min AOCS Cc 11-53
Iodine Value (Wijs) 99 – 108   AOCS Cd 1-25
A.O.M. Stability (hours) 25 min AOCS Cd 12-57
Nutrition Facts (as per 100 g)
Calories   900  
Calories from fat   900  
Total fat    
  Saturated fat   18 g (+/- 5%)
Monounsaturated fat 44 g (+/- 5%)
Polyunsaturated fat 38 g (+/- 5%)
Carbohydrate   0 g  
Protein   0 g  
Sodium   0 mg  
Product Safety
RITO Rice Bran Oil conforms in all respects to the provisions of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, as amended, and applicable state laws and municipal ordinances, they are manufactured in accordance with good manufacturing practices and under modem sanitary conditions.
Rito products are free of pesticides based on the sensitivity of current analytical procedures.They also meet the United States Pharmacopoeia Standards for heavy metal content in vegetable oils.
Storage / Shelf-Life
Storage tank temperature of 100 to 125 degrees F. 1 month optimum, 3 months maximum with QC checks. A tank atmosphere of nitrogen is strongly recommended for storage. Shelf life after packaging is 9 months from date of manufacture in cool, dry conditions.