Composition: Crude Rice Bran Oil
Physical Analysis
Flash Point (°F) 300°F min
Flavor/Odor (bland/none) Typical of crude oil
Chemical Analysis
Free Fatty Acid (% as oleic) 2.0% - 3.0% typical
Moisture (%) 0.1% max
Wax (%) 0.3%
Iodine Value (Wijs) 99 – 108
Oryzanol content (%) 1.5% typical
Product Safety
While an edible oil, crude oils are not intended for consumption without further processing. It is recommended that further processing be done to insure consistency in finished products.
Storage / Shelf-Life
Prolonged storage of crude oils should be kept to a minimum to insure quality. Storage should be in tanks with adequate agitation to insure that settling of gums and waxes does not occur. Heating is acceptable to facilitate further processing. Maximum recommended temperature for storage is 125 °F.